Özkan Eroğlu

2 Critical Selection from Antwerp 2021

CHAPTER 2: I chose 40 studies, and I consider the second 20 as the second part.


The increase in artists and works in the world, as well as the increase in organized events, reduces more work to criticism and critic focus. As an art critic, I have come under the scrutiny of Art Antwerp. I had a vision for print, work an paper, painting, sculpture and photography units. I will also write the criteria that show why things are successful at the bottom of each study. Here are the successful jobs in my opinion:


Matthew Monahan

American, b. 1972

Untitled, 1999

Ink on rice paper

166 × 95 cm

Intellectual interpretation of a different figure form and concept of “truth”. (Özkan Eroğlu)


Danica Lundy

Canadian, b. 1991

Tin Lizzie, 2021

Lithograph on Arches Cover white

56.5 × 73.5 cm

Editions 1-50 of 50 + 2AP


Searching for different figurative compositions and researching the higher possibilities of expression. The struggle to remove academic understanding from monotony. (Ö.E.)


Valgerður Sigurðardóttir

Icelandic, b. 1992

untitled (lilac 3), 2020

Ink on paper

29.7 × 21 cm


Simple and plain. Childlike sensitivity. Being in an effort to express oneself. (Ö.E.)


Dirk Zoete

Belgian, b. 1969

Setting with figure and landscape background 3, 2019

Pencil on paper

102 × 72 cm


A painting of psychoanalytic reflections. Caricature is the presentation of an expressive reality far from illustration. (Ö.E.)


Matthew Monahan

American, b. 1972

Sister X, 2014

Water colour, charcoal on paper

198 × 114 cm


A proposal for a new interpretation of figurative fragmentation and figurative reconstruction. (Ö.E)


Shahpour Pouyan

Iranian, b. 1979

After ’Moses’, 2017

Miniature on Japanese rice paper

53 × 47 cm


A modern examination of the traditional language of miniature art: A new montage-collage application. (Ö.E)


Mika Rottenberg

Argentinean-Israeli, b. 1976

Rr21, 2018

Graphite, acrylic, color pencil on paper

38 × 28 cm


A successful, accurate example of a childlike painting language and ascribed to the artist. (Ö.E.)


Rinus Van de Velde

Belgian, b. 1983

Hey Bill, I was just passing by…, 2021

Oil pastel on paper

181 × 112 cm


Abstract Expressionist language’s effort to reach a personal state. (Ö.E.)


Katrien De Blauwer

Belgian, b. 1969

She won’t open her eyes/ Dreams (64), 2021

Pencil on collage

23 × 10 cm


An effort to use the part-whole relationship to reach a new language with a photographic element. (Ö.E.)


Arpaïs Du Bois

Belgian, b. 1973

une folle tendresse, 2021

Mixed media on paper

73 × 55 cm


To present the data of the effort of abstract research and forming a concept. (Ö.E.)


Hans Op de Beeck

Belgian, b. 1969

Snow Landscape (vista), 2021

Black-and-white watercolour on Arches paper in wooden frame

275 × 125.5 × 4.5 cm


Presenting the union of craft and art in a conceptualization process in the direction of telling a new tale. (Ö.E.)


Pélagie Gbaguidi

Beninese, b. 1965

Care, 2020

Dry pastel, colour pencil and mixed media on paper

29.5 × 21.5 cm


Accurate reflection of childlike sensitivity and warmth. A successful example. (Ö.E)


Bent Van Looy

Belgian, b. 1976

4pm, 2021

Watercolour on paper

30 × 40 cm


It signals a spontaneous and relaxed painting state and a figurative search. (Ö.E.)


Renie Spoelstra

Dutch, b. 1974

Flooded Land, 2021

Charcoal on paper

160 × 117 cm


A quest point in the continuation of the 17th century Flemish landscape painting tradition and a darkist landscape understanding. (Ö.E.)


Benoît Maire

French, b. 1978

Icône, 2020

Oil silkscreen printing on wood

37 × 22 × 4 cm


An effort to develop a minimal understanding of elements and a new symbolic language. (Ö.E.)


Leonardo Drew

American, b. 1961

Number 255D, 2020

Plaster and paint on paper

58.5 × 58.5 × 6 cm


The use of different materials and the search for a new construction language. Just a little bit of a new pop concept. (Ö.E)


Kees Goudzwaard

Dutch, b. 1958

Aperture, 2021

Acrylic on cardboard

39 × 27.5 cm


Desire to re-evaluate the subject of objectless detection. The will to turn to the different in abstract perception. (Ö.E)


Koen Theys

Belgian, b. 1963

Burning Street I, 2020

Watercolour on paper

60 × 79.7 cm


An effective watercolor language. The success of bringing this language closer to the photographic one. In short, the correct use of the material and the narrative. (Ö.E)


Pélagie Gbaguidi

Beninese, b. 1965

Care, 2020

Dry pastel on paper

29 × 21 cm


The pinnacle of a childlike sensibility brought by an artist. Very true – an intrinsic expression. (Ö.E.)


Patrick Van Caeckenbergh

Belgian, b. 1960

“Drawing of old trees on wintry days during 2007-2014”, 2007 -2014

Pencil and paint on paper

93.4 × 57.7 cm


It is a sensitivity that every photographer and every artistic understanding with a realistic approach misses especially. (Ö.E)

Evrim Sekmen

Evrim Sekmen


Critical Selection from Antwerp 2021


A Conference: Point A:Giotto, Point B: Duchamp, Point C:

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